A Note from the President...

Diane Beard

Diane Beard, President

When I started our family business 22 years ago, I was like most entrepreneurs, very optimistic and excited about the opportunity ahead.  Did I really know what I was getting into?  No!  I purchased the business from another Toshiba dealer in 1995.  My two oldest sons, Abe and Nate, were the technical guys.  Since that day, all of my six children have worked here, or are still working here.  Our other employees are like family, a couple of them, Michael and Lenny, have been with TTi for 20+ years!

I tell you about who we are as people, because that is what this is all about for us.  People communicating with people.  You communicating with your customers.  All of us making this business world work so we are able to take care of ourselves and those we love.  Total Teledata is a woman owned business!  You can hear my feminine side in all that.

What do we do here at Total Teledata?  We work to stay in front of the newest technologies; sifting through them to find a diverse blend that works for our clients’ particular needs, whether it’s retail, child care, assisted living, business offices, etc.  We specialize in business communication solutions, such as Phone Systems, Wi-Fi, Cabling, Carrier Services and more.

I could never have foreseen the change in technology back in ’95, but I knew it was going to be quite the ride!  That’s why I keep listening to the smart, young minds at TTi!